3 microphones, 3 light rings, 2 cameras, 1 stool and backdrop, an audio-visual technician and artistic director, Linda Thompson, on a zoom call for the duration of each three hour solo recording sessions was how four young Australian artists, including myself, recorded what is sure to be a highlight of the Yarra Valley Opera Festival v2.5 this Read More

Ok, so picture this… You’re backstage, putting your makeup on in a dressing room full of people you’ve rehearsed with for weeks. There’s laughter and excited energy bursting throughout the room. You don your costume and you’re ready to go on stage. The five minute call is given to you over the speakers by your Read More

Thankfully, it’s not all ‘zoom and gloom’ when it comes to virtual singing lessons. Read More

I know it’s been a long time coming. Given the current situation the world is in, I thought it important to update my website to include a blog page! Read More